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Jedi Costumes

 Are you thinking of ‘using the force’ Luke and dressing up in a Jedi costume?

jedi knightsLuckily the force has guided you to this website. I can help you find a large range of costumes that you can choose from (whether you are good or evil) this Halloween. I am a huge Star Wars fan, and it’s for that reason that I love the range of Jedi outfits that can be found. So I’m probably guessing that either you’re a huge Star Wars fan as well, or you are at least looking for a fancy dress costume idea if you have landed on this site.

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Let’s take a look at some Jedi costume ideas:

Great Jedi robe costume for kidsJedi Robe Costume . Feel the force running through your veins when you try to defeat the dark side with this robed outfit. You will be fighting the good fight with this ankle length Jedi knight costume.

adult jedi costumeAdult Luke Skywalker costume. Luke has struggled with many the same traits as his father, but never the same fate. Use the force this Halloween with this deluxe Jedi costume. This is an all time favorite costume made from synthetic fabric, with a handsome white tunic and fitting pants. To complete the outfit, Luke is wearing a brown belt with camel-colored boot tops. You will be cutting the completion to little pieces with this light saber attire.

X wing fightrer costume X-Wing Jedi Costume . Defend the republic with this well made X-Wing fighter pilot attire. The outfit includes a bright orange jump suit with pockets on the arms and legs, also with black contrast starting at the ankle, and a white vest with gray straps. Complete with the classic X-Wing fighter helmet and blue chest plate, you will be destroying the Death Star in no time.

jedi fancy dress costume luke skywalkerChilds Jedi Costume. A star wars Jedi costume was always a legendary way to dress for Halloween when I was growing up. It got me some of the best candy in the street. Your child can join in on the Jedi knight adventure when he joins the rebel alliance. This costume comes with a tunic, pants,  attachable boot tops, and the Jedi belt to complete the outfit. If you’re ready to send your child out to trick or treat as a Jedi, prepare for the fun and enjoyment that will be had.

The Jedi birthday or Halloween costumes presented above are just some ideas of what can be worn to your party or get togethers. For more Jedi Knight or Star Wars costumes ideas for Halloween birthdays or get togethers, you could take a look at Buy Costumes.

The force is strong in this one I can feel it. Be sure to get the best candy in the street this year. Happy Halloween!


Classic Jedi Scene with Luke Skywalker


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 Extra information about Star Wars:

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Comedy, Star Wars   It is wonderful idea for SW nerds to use silicon model of Luke and to take more pleasure from Star Wars.


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    OhMiGosh, that video clip really takes me back to my youth! I was in high school when Star Wars was first released and think I saw it every Saturday for four straight weeks. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

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